Hello my wonderful hoomans and aliens!

You may have noticed that for the past two months we have been rather absent & I would like to apologize to you for this… first, let me explain;

We had done some brain storming, as you may remember, and decided to take down quite a few products on Etsy, we had also decided to go ahead a try out Design by Humans…but what happened I hear you ask…
Well, we got rather disheartened; the Etsy shop came to a grinding halt ~ no one was interested in our ‘reverse tie-dye’ and Design by Humans was very swiftly thrown into the “too hard basket”.

Two months have now flown by & we have hardly moved an inch so back to the drawing board we go!!

We are now very keen to pursue our own line of stationery & gift related products; so far, we have found two sites that could be of use. Although these sites do manufacture our products, we are finding it difficult to work out the viability of buying these items in bulk to resell vs. exclusively selling online.

Selling online would yield a higher profit margin as we would obviously not have to purchase the products in bulk first, therefore the products would be ‘made to order’ and we wouldn’t need to worry about a gross sale margin – the flip side to this conundrum though is that we couldn’t sell locally & as Summer is approaching this is where our heart lies.
You see, we live in a small town that is very popular with Summer tourists and being able to sell our products locally over summer could potentially provide us with enough money to see ourselves sitting more comfortably over the Winter months.

So, this is where the root of our problems lie at the moment – manufacturing…

Where does one look to have products manufactured while still holding creative control of the final product?
These sites we have looked at do this quite well, it’s just that bulk manufacturing from these sites does not seem viable and it’s very important to us to be able to have that creative control as well as the final say in how the finished product looks, if we found a larger manufacturing company we could lose some of this control.

This is a path I myself am very keen to explore, I would happily become the designer and manager of our business (stationery & gift related products), even though this would mean that my recycled fashion would take a back seat – it would actually offer me a more creative outlet and that is something I am very passionate to pursue.

Well, that’s all the news I’ve got for you at the moment, stay tuned because I am going to try a lot harder to update this on the regular as it really helps to keep me focused and thinking!!

Peace Out my doods✌️♥



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