What did we learn last week?

What did we learn last week…?

There is a difference between working hard and working smart.

Last week I worked hard, too hard, but I didn’t work smart. I had a goal but I didn’t have a plan to reach that goal. I thought that I could take two outfit pictures a day, measure them and write up descriptions for them and get them posted on Etsy. I failed, basically.

If I had done the preparation (smart) and made a plan/timetable (smart) I would have easily been able to do it, but I tried to get too many things done at once and set myself up for failure.

I am also still not working at appropriate times, I work way late into the night to try to achieve too many things and then it becomes a cycle of waking up late and then having to work harder and well into the night to make up for lost time (stupid). Which makes me perpetually tired and ends up turning my mental health to shit.

So, I have a new plan and I am resetting the clock.

This week I am getting up at 8a.m & starting work at 9a.m and finishing by 4.30p.m.
I will still have my weekly goals, but I am going to make less of them to try to get on track and caught up to where I think I need to be. It could be some-what more pressure but I think it will motivate me to work smart, not harder.

I need to focus less on multiple tasks and work smarter on fewer. I want to get all the photos of my clothes taken, even if it means taking one a day. The write up on the clothes can be done at a more casual rate in Word before they go to Etsy.

I have all the advertisement material done for markets etc. so I don’t need to keep going over that unless I really want to.

I need to be more in control of what I am doing otherwise I am going to burn out (which is what is happening) and the business will fall apart.

Currently, I am writing this in Word so I can post it tonight. I didn’t want to work today but over coffee I started to think about this process and needed to get it written down as I was thinking about it.

For the rest of today I am going to relax and play 7 Days to Die, go to bed early tonight and then tomorrow morning (Monday) I shall go into the studio at 9a.m and write out my goals for this week and plan ahead – this time including times that I’d like to do things.

We are now looking forward into the 4th month of operations and I am sure there are still many things to learn but I want to stay focused and determined to make this a viable business so it’s important to me to look at what is and what isn’t working and keeping on fine-tuning, working towards a smarter, more efficient and – importantly, a manageable and viable business.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope that my blogs offer some help or inspiration in your work/life ❤

Much love from your friendly alien neighbour Sam 👽 ❤

Goodnight ✌


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