Back Again!

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen!

Tonight I have some time to myself for the first time in roughly two weeks so I would like to take this opportunity to do a big recap of what’s been happening!

You have been warned! ♡♡♡

The last two weeks have felt like a marathon that I was never trained for! It has also felt like about 4 months since I started prepping (which was 25th May)

Since then, I have celebrated Mum’s birthday (on the 31st), learnt the beginning steps to building a fence, made a large variety of advertising material, worked one market, updated my Etsy store (twice-ish), planned out an ‘Opening Night Event’ and started distributing flyers for that, designed my own clothing price tags, designed an alternate logo, designed a large outdoor banner, made my own receipts, catalogued garments that I want to sell at the next market (which is tomorrow) and changed up my work space to make it more open…all of this on top of family & normal work stuff like book-keeping, contacting customers + packaging & posting orders etc.
That’s a lot of work for one lil alien BUT I have accomplished it all, in/on time!

It has been super stressful, the week leading up to last Saturday’s market was just pure chaos trying to make sure everything is 100%, which, up and till now (honestly) I hadn’t done any preparation for expanding the business into markets, so everything has had to be made up on the fly which made last week just an absolute nightmare and then when the market roll around it was so wet we (human mum & I) only sold four items, alas it was time well spent because we supported the community, we did chat to some people & we got to show the local community how committed we are and I think that is very important.
This week has been slightly less stressful and almost, somewhat, pleasant.
Last weekend was more about Jen’s art than my clothes, where as this weekend is more about my clothes than Jen’s art. So basically all I have had to do this week is just keep expanding the work I had started last week and working from a daily task sheet makes life a lot easier and really helps to spread out the tasks sensibly over a week where at the end I know I will have them done ~ more about the daily task sheet later.
Yesterday & today have definitely been the most enjoyable thus far. I do love designing very much so, but designing purely for myself is just that little bit extra. Putting drafts together for how I wanted my labels to look and even the way my stock-list spreadsheet looks and my very own receipts gives me a real sense of satisfaction which may sound weird but hey, I’m not from your planet after all!

This whole process / journey has been a joy so far, even the bad or the stressful days, it’s nice to be sitting here surrounded by all of mine & Jen’s hard work listening to the rain on the metal roof of our studio.
This to me (working in ‘retail’ I guess) was something I never dreamt of; I had big idea’s about working with/in the Environment (to be more specific going from bush regen>park ranger>ecologist… etc.), but everything I tried didn’t work out no matter how much heart & soul I put into I just couldn’t do it and I know why & I think that one day I probably could do it and could achieve those dreams, but for now I am really happy where I am and really excited to see how far I can grow this business and whether it can be a sustainable source of income etc.
Bower Chicks has really helped me focus and learn about myself ~ how to manage stress, how to communicate with humans… all kinds of things! So really & truly there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now!
And speaking of learning new things, I mentioned earlier a ‘daily task sheet‘ & I want to let you in on the biggest secret to success / achieving your goals that I have half learnt, half taught myself…
A couple of months ago a psychologist suggested I make a list of things I would like to accomplish before I see him again, and for once I actually did as was suggested & wow did it make a difference!
I try to avoid using terms like ‘to-do list’ or ‘goal setting’ because for whatever reason that just really puts me off – especially ‘goals’ & ‘goal setting’ – hate it, don’t know why just do!
So what I did the first time & what I do every week now is open a new document immediately save it as ‘Brainstorming 00.00.17 and then write:
What do I want to accomplish by 00.00.17 ?
Then I just allow myself to write in a bulleted list everything and anything that pops into my head. Once I am satisfied with said list I then Write out Monday to Sunday & re-write all those things into which days I think they would be best to be done on (i.e. most to least crucial etc.). From there, there is no more worrying about ‘have I done everything I should do’ or ‘omg it’s Thursday and I never did ‘x-y-z’ or ‘It’s 12 at night what the hell do I need to get done tomorrow/this week/this month let’s make a mental list right now and worry about the list till 4am’. And the best part is if I do think of something to add, I just pop it into a memo on my phone and in the morning I can make a ‘bonus list’ under whatever day I want to add that task to so when/if I accomplish it it really does feel like ‘Yah I got my daily stuff done & the bonus too, I did really well today!’.
It really has been great for me & I urge you to do it too if you have a hard time staying on top of things/staying motivated etc. I shall attach an example sheet to this for you if you want to give it a go!

B R A I N S T O R M I N G template

Most of the stuff I talk about on here is just surface stuff, and there are somethings I would really like to share with you guys but I am unsure if I should so I probably won’t, but just know that what I am accomplishing is, for me, really amazing & I am really proud of myself for being able to get here and I am so full of excitement that I am here, that I made it. If you had told me two years ago that this is who I would be today I wouldn’t have believed you, not in my wildest dreams

So now we’ve come to the end of this crazy long blog post (if you’re still here of course) I would like to show you some photos of what I have been up to!
Hope you enjoy them!

Peace out Earthings ✌ 👽

Decorated the Studio for Mum 😛
And hey look how well I blend with the humans now!

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