I’m still learning!



Ok so I have now discovered that if you, my lovely customers, buy two garments from my store they must be packaged into a medium sized satchel…. These cost $11, so shipping is now updated to reflect that.
Also, a few days ago I was having difficulty with a package where in it was sent back to me twice! So on the third try i sent it Express Post which for one item cost me $16 so that too has been updated to reflect that…
I am so sorry that this postage bizzo is so ridiculous and I can’t seem to get it right… If you have any issues please let me know, and also if you would like a personalized shipping quote please do let me know, you could save some money if you do & even if I do work it out and it is more expensive I will still charge you the standard rate ❤ I really want to fine tune this as well as I possibly can & I want the shipping to be as reasonable as possible, even if that means adding a few more dollars here and there to clothing items or the shipping…


26-MAY-17 Hellooooooo Earthlings! ◎[▪▪]◎

Really quickly I must address an issue I only just noticed (o.m.g!)
My shipping calculation has been wrong for the duration of my shop being open and I’M REALLY SORRY!
Australia Post’s Express Post has an estimated cost of $12 per parcel (depending on size) and I thought I was doing the right thing by using the ‘upgrade’ option and entering that full amount – BUT IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!!!!! It actually ADDS to the regular cost!!! Luckily no one has chose Express Shipping yet and I would assume that is because I have been charging TWENTY BUCKS (o.m.g!). I have now rectified this, which you can see in the image below! ☆(◒‿◒)☆

Honestly, if you guys ever see something that doesn’t look right, is spelt wrong, costs more than you think it should, etc, etc ~ PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Unfortunately I am just an Alien and not a Robot so I still make mistakes!
I am 100% dedicated to (you) my customers satisfaction when it comes to shopping at Bower Chicks, without you I wouldn’t have a store so I really need your feedback!

There is a heck of a lot of tools on Etsy, which is fantastic, and they have recently updated their management system so it’s taking quite some time to learn about all the tools and what they can do for me and for you.

Oh and I have also discovered how to enable “Request Customer Order” button which is awesome because I urge anyone who is worried about shipping to let me know, so now you can very simply, that button should appear on the shop and listing pages.
I also have an exciting offer coming up early next week which will make this button super handy for you guys!
Aaannnddd if you are from outside of Australia you could also use this button so I can more easily give you a quote for your order!

Welp, I think that’s all I needed to let you know about tonight, thanks for stopping by ♥

Peace Out ✌️


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