Yay! (& a little my bad!)

Good Morning Humans!

I had a really awesome + productive day yesterday (◠‿◠✿)
I bought a second-hand rotating composter that is HUGE! My Pa & I collected it and met a lovely couple, then we went and bought some stuff and helped each other do some jobs, ya for Pary time!
Then I met up with two of the Boomerang Bags ladies and we ironed and screenprinted a lot of pockets so our sewer can complete the first official batch of bags ヽ(^◇^*)/
I had some pretty serious anxiety happening (had the shakes whoo) but the ladies are so kind and caring and lovely and I really did feel at home ~ like I belonged; it was really great for me to get out of the house and practise socializing without drinking etc.

Now I had promised that I have more stock to upload, and I was suppose to get that done yesterday but unfortunately I just couldn’t fit it in… Although I did get to post a parcel to an Etsy guest customer which I am pretty stoked about because she’s not on Etsy so it’s pretty cool that she stumbled across my store!
Today isn’t fully booked so I am going to measure and upload hopefully all 5 of the new winter stock I had planned to do yesterday.
I am feeling pretty pumped!
I also got another EXCELLENT review this morning for my last customer and I am just so over the moon from her feedback. I love collecting the stock and all that is involved but the best part of my job is giving every one of my customers a personalized experience that leaves them feeling happy and appreciated, and I really genuinely am super grateful and appreciative of every one that does support my shop, not just my customers but all the people the ‘love’ my items or ‘favourite’ my shop, every little bit counts!

Well I think that’s all the jabbering I’ve got for now!

See you on the flip side my Earthling friends

Peace out ✌




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