Getting Back on Track

Hello Earthlings ◎[▪‿▪]◎

As you may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been quiet the last few weeks and I feel I need to apologize for that.

I haven’t been very unwell (mentally) and daily life has been a struggle so unfortunately getting business done has been on the back burner. Therapy, medication, lifestyle changes and community participation have all contributed to me now feeling a lot better and I feel I am getting back on track.

I have still been collecting clothing over the last few weeks so I’ve got quite a few winter goodies coming your way very soon (Wednesday to be precise).

Motivation is still a bit difficult to muster but I am getting what I need to get done daily and I have been getting up and going to bed at roughly the same time every day/night.

On a more positive note I have still accomplished something quite huge (for me); I have joined the local Boomerang Bags movement, which has also help quite a lot. I have met some really wonderful people that I hope become friends and after three years I finally feel like I am a part of the community which is really cool.
My main job in BB is screen printing which I am super excited about because I have never done it before but have been really keen to learn and I am getting the hang of it and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s also exciting because with this under my belt now there may be a potential in the future to make my own designs for Bower Chicks (ooooh)!!

So that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by ❤

Peace out Earthlings ✌

BowerChicks on Etsy

Boomerang Bags


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