Time for an update/recap!

So, I’ve been on Etsy roughly two weeks now and I need to do a recap for my own sanity!!!

What have I learnt so far?
1. Shipping is tricky to price…and it’s hard to find the right packaging to use to send parcels~
2. My clothes are unfortunately too cheap because there are many unexpected costs and a lot of time and stress involved in the process~
3. I need to design a weekly schedule that includes dedicated days for:
 -Shopping
 -Product listings
 -Shipping
 -Blogging

Let’s break these down a little further

✵Points 1 & 2 –

Although shipping is tricky to price I think it’s more convenient to give you guys a standard price so you don’t need to contact me before placing your order but if you would actual prefer me to calculate your shipping individually then I am happy to give it a go and see how effective that is.

As for the price of clothing; Etsy has three selling fees: a listing fee, a transaction fee and a payment processing fee. It costs me $0.27 to publish a listing to the marketplace, which lasts for four months or until the item is sold. Once an item sells, there is a 3.5% transaction fee on the sale price (not including shipping costs). I am 100% happy with these fees -at this time- as Etsy does so much for me e.g. visibility, record keeping, easy listing management etc. etc.
Now on top of that, I live in a small town with only two places for me to purchase clothing, which means I have to dedicate time to traveling at least half an hour away to hunt down more stock, which I don’t mind one bit, but it is time away from my studio and you guys & it also tends to be a day trip which takes quite a bit more money than if it was local.
I am still dedicated to giving you affordable options and the price of the stock online to date will stay the same price, but my next listings will increase slightly.
What does this mean? Local items will be cheaper than items bought out of town.
What does this mean to you? There will be a bigger stock list and a range of prices to choose from, it’s a win-win really!

✵Point 3 –

Schedule. I am thinking of doing something like this:
 -Mon: Shipping
 -Mon or Tues: Listing and blog day
 -Wed: Shipping
 -Fri & Sat: Stock collecting
 -Sun: Recap blog

❣Orders made Sun, Mon, Tues will be posted Wednesdays.
❣Orders made Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat Will be posted Mondays.

I will try to make sure that out of state customers have their parcels posted on Mondays to allow a full week postage time.

Alternatively, if you would like your parcel delivered via Express Post, let me know so I can calculate a shipping price for you.

I would absolutely love it if I could get some input from the community on this one.

What is the point of all of this?
My aim is to make shopping at Bower Chicks as easy and convenient as I possibly can.

All you need to remember is:

Sunday sneak peaks go up on Tumblr, Facebook & Instagram
Monday’s/Tuesday’s there will be new goodies for you to peruse,
Monday’s + Wednesday’s I will ship your goodies &
And a weekly recap on how I am learning to adjust in this odd new world will be made available on Tumblr at 6pm Fridays.


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