Q & A!

Q. What do you look for when buying clothes for Bower Chicks?

A. I look for items that, firstly, I would wear – which can cause difficulties when I get too attached to an item & then have to sell it! But besides that, I look for pieces that I haven’t seen before, unusual patterns or for things that would pose some sort of challenge, whether it be a societal norm or just a style typically not worn.
I look for clothing that isn’t perfect but I do not buy things that are stained, faded in an unappealing way or have rips that lessen the quality instead of adding to an aesthetic e.g. ripped knees are great but a rip/hole in a dress is not so great!

Q. Your store sells a variety of ‘looks’, do you really wear all the styles you sell?!

A. Hah, in short, yes! I like to say there is ‘50 shades of Sam’ – some days are all about flannelette shirts, black band tees and ripped jeans, other days it’s all about the hippy vibes and sometimes I want to dress up in gorgeous 80s dresses! It all depends on my mood and I just plain like playing with my personality and identity through clothes.

Q. Do you think clothes are an important part of someone’s identity or personality?

A. Personally, it is an important thing to me to be able to express myself through not only clothes but jewelry, piercings and hair; but we’re all unique and your clothes defiantly don’t need to ‘promote’ who you are or give you value…clothing nor anything else should determine a person’s value, at the end of the day it’s about what’s inside that counts!

Q. How do you determine the price of what you sell?

A. I determine the price by how much I have paid, where I have travelled to, how heavy the item is, how unique I believe it to be (I try to do half an hours research on each piece I get) and how much would I really be willing to pay for it. I don’t believe in charging an exorbitant amount of money for something that, in reality, didn’t cost that much for me to buy. What I do for people (and why I can charge money) is take out the time spent looking for a particular piece and offer it to the customer on an easily accessible platform, with a range of payment options and at a reasonable price.

Q. Would you say there is a lot of trail an error, or do you have a reasonable idea of what you are doing?

A. Haha there is a lot of trail an error, every day I’m learning new things.
Shipping has been a tough one but I think I’ve worked it out now. I had an order last week where the shipping ended up being $17 and I’d only charged $8.50. I had a feeling that that would happen so I put a coupon in the parcel so if she does come back it might not be such an issue when/if she discovers that the price of shipping has changed and there is a $2.50 charge for each extra item you purchase.
The pricing of the clothing I sell is also a concern; I would love to make this a full time job so there is a defiant balance that I have to get right, because if I don’t make enough money I can’t buy more stock & travel to new places to hunt down different types of clothing, whilst at the same time I need to be able to pay for food and bills too, so that’s the balance I’ve got to find!

Q. Speaking of shipping, how do you ship with and where to?

A. So far I have been using Australia Post, but I am looking into alternatives; unfortunately I live in a very small town with limited transport so there isn’t a heap of cheap & quick options for me at this stage.

And also up until now I have been hesitant to ship overseas but I have decided to dip my toe in and ship to New Zealand after a dream I had! Stay tuned because I will be making a separate post on shipping to N.Z!

Q.  & What should customers expect when they receive a parcel from you?

A. I use brown paper wrapping and stickers, I also have designed some little note paper that I print out and then hand write a personal note on; and I’m starting to make up some little perfume sachets to send too so when you open your parcel it smells nice! Oh, and of course I wash all clothing when first purchased and then again just before I send out your parcel 😊

Q. Well I think we will leave it there for now, thank you for your time Sam of Bower Chicks!

A. Thank you for the questions, and thank you readers for taking the time to get to know a little bit more about my process, if you have any more questions feel free to message me! ❤


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